We make the complete preproduction design for different audiovisual formats. We work hand in hand with our clients, taking care of a detailed planning process and accompaniment to carry out productions with the right resources and in the right time. 

We offer support with the guarantee that when the camera is turned on, the team has all the technical and human supplies needed. We believe that a well planned job ensures greater efficiency at the time of the shoot, our experience ensures effective responses to carry out from the simplest projects to the most ambitious. 


Jorge González is, above all, passionate about challenges. Since the begging of his professional career, he has been an active participant in large and ambitious projects at the individual level or associated with important producers and directors. 

In 1998 he founded his own company Cala Producciones, he taught about it like a solution for he's needs to take his ideas to a higher level. Since then, he has been working with national and international brands, companies and organizations that have relied on the professionalism on the team when carrying out preproduction and production of institutional and commercial pieces.

Thanks to his creativity, resourcefulness and experience, Jorge has made of Cala Productions a company leader in the design and execution of the processes of preproduction for audiovisual projects. With the same passion, he leads his crew to confront complex projects, more ambitious and with greater impact.


We have worked with major brands and production companies, nationally and internationally in the production of commercial videos, institutional videos, plot films, documentaries and different types of photographic productions. We have the capacity to respond to all kinds of requests or contingencies thanks to a wide network of suppliers and allies, as well as the rental of our own equipment.

Our portfolio of services offers complete solutions in the accomplishment of locations, logistics and accompaniment in the place of the shooting, casting and art and styling on set. 

We don´t put limits, our job is to make ideas come true.







Medellín, Colombia

Phone: +57 313-7978187 / cala@calaproducciones.com

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